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Your BIG FOSTERING WHY: the first step on your fostering journey

Take that first step on your journey to fostering.

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20th Anniversary

Celebrating 20 years of providing top quality fostering services across London, Kent and the Home Counties.

Achieving outcomes through ultra gaming

Achieving outcomes through ultra gaming with Chrysalis Care

Why Chrysalis Care?


Who are the children? Seven reasons why a child may need to be fostered #MythBusterMission

Children and young people need foster homes for all sorts of reasons and come from all sorts of situations and backgrounds.

Open Days

All the information you'll need to join Chrysalis Care at one of our open days!


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C is for……the A-Z of fostering

Imagine being able to have such an impact upon the lives of children and young people, that you contribute to changing the course of their lives forever?

Job Vacancies

Chrysalis Care are looking for a Foster Carer Recruitment Officer. If you're interested, please contact us for more information.

Holiday Homes


#mythbustermission: 10 reasons children may not settle in their foster home

Imagine you are at school and are collected by a strange grown up you do not know but who seems to know you. Imagine you do not know where your parents are or when you will see them again but you are told you will sleep at another home that night.

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The A-Z of Fostering – Letter B: Being of service

What a wonderful way to give back to our current and future society, than to foster…?

In This Together

Our carers benefit from a wealth of training & support, even out of hours, to fully equip them for their role. Find out more about our foster caring here.

A-Z of Fostering….Letter A

A is for Assessment….This is an important part of the journey to becoming a foster carer, as it establishes a recorded process about you.


Preparing to become a foster carer: Why your ‘why’ matters

Find out WHY you should foster!


The day I met my perfect foster carer…

Chrysalis Care recently held their Annual Awards Ceremony and one of our Care Ambassadors gave an emotional speech about the day she met her perfect foster carer.

There’s no place like home……

The key to Dorothy returning home, in the original version of ‘The Wizard of Oz’, was to click the heels of her shiny red shoes, close her eyes and say with conviction “there’s no place like home”.

Privacy Policy

This privacy policy sets out how Chrysalis Care uses and protects any personal information that you provide to us. Chrysalis Care is committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. Should we ask you to provide certain information by which you can be identified then you can be assured that it will only be use in accordance with this privacy statement. Chrysalis Care may update this policy in line with new legislation.

#mythbustermission: blue snowflakes start falling….blue memories start calling. Why Christmas can be difficult for children and young people who are fostered

Deck the halls with boughs of holly…Rocking around the Christmas tree …Ding Dong! Merrily on high. Festive fun and frivolity and a good time is had by all...isn’t it? This myth buster, we want to explore this further.

A dream to transform lives through fostering

Chrysalis Care was founded by Lynda and Lou Boden, who after fostering children and young people themselves for fifteen years, decided to build an independent fostering agency that would transform the lives of children and young people.

Pokémon GO (or stay?)

Its almost holiday time and many parents and foster carers are happy to greet an activity that keeps children engaged and entertained, so why wouldn’t they embrace the new Pokémon GO app?

Holidays for Foster Families

Fostering is a wonderful lifestyle choice as well as an amazing role to undertake. At Chrysalis Care we are committed to empowering people to develop themselves.

Fostering as a career decision

As fostering is a role that is inevitably ‘more than a job’, it can be difficult to consider that the choice to become a foster carer or foster parent is anything more than a heart motivated decision to ‘give back’.


I am not everyman but the man I am, is the man I am expected to be. These are not the expectations of what type of man society tells me I should be but the man that matters.

Thanks for the memories

Unfortunately, some children and young people who are looked after, experience multiple moves and it is crucial for them to be able to piece together their childhood years.

About endings and new beginnings…

Thank you to our Children’s Services Support Worker for 18 months investment in our children and young people. Here she reflects on how it felt to join the Chrysalis Care staff team, as she prepares to leave and begin a new phase in her own journey.

Remember, Remember the 5th November. Bonfire Night, the OOO’s, the AHHHs and the MMM’s.

Remember, remember the 5th November, the time when the season changes and the long, cold nights kick off with a bang.

Some thoughts about the professionalisation of foster care

The notion of professionalising foster care has been on the agenda for some time, it appears that it is the logistics of this that create the barrier….what about sick and holiday absence? What about legislation around hours of work and taking regular breaks? But the detail perhaps serves to cloud the significance of the crucial bigger picture.

The DfE TSD and knowing what we are ‘supposed to be doing’….

There is no doubt that the ‘fostering world’ is a highly regulated one and perhaps the involvement of local government is wholly appropriate in the current climate of devolved services.

I’m not like Tracey Beaker!

This blogpost is a ‘flashback’ moment to 2012, when two  Chrysalis Care staff members attended a Young Minds event at the South Bank Centre last night that left an indelible imprint.

Growing children…is letting them go!

The role of the foster carer is awe inspiring. A significant factor in their role is in caring for a child and ensuring they feel a genuine sense of belonging and acceptance, yet also being ready to let go of the child when the time is right.

Apples and Pears, climbing the stairs to greater understanding of food allergies in children

Chrysalis Care provide a varied learning and development programme, covering a range of topics, such as one delivered by Mandy and Chetali of ‘Apples and Pears health’ about food allergies in children and young people.

When your home is your workplace…

In a headline from 2014, Linda Nolan expressed concern that the perception of her post-‘Celebrity Big Brother’ would have a detrimental effect on her fostering role.

Preparation for Leaving Care?

I’m not a great fan of labels. In fact, I am possibly diametrically opposed to them, for the restrictions that they can place on the individuality of people, especially people who may experience social oppression and systematic stereotyping, such as our children and young people who are looked after.


In this post, Chrysalis Care Director, Allé Pflaumer, shares some of her journey to being one of the leaders of Chrysalis Care.

#mythbuster: Too old to foster?

We have embarked on a campaign ‘not too old to foster’, which has been triggered by the many people who say ‘oooh, I’m too old now, I expect……?’.

Transforming Lives – Inside Out

What a fantastic film Disney Pixar’s ‘Inside Out’ is. The role of ‘joy’ in trying to ‘gatekeep’ the experiences that the lead character, Riley, has, leads to a complex road of keeping her happy ‘by any means necessary’.

How fostering with Chrysalis Care can transform your life

We had one of our Chrysalis Care staff and foster carer lunches the other day. It’s something we do on a monthly basis to give everyone a chance to get together, catch up, socialise and be reminded of why we are a winning team.

Three reasons why you should foster with Chrysalis Care

The process to becoming a foster carer takes some manoeuvring and definitely goes a long way to preparing people (as far as can be expected with any new venture), for the fostering role.

Foster Care Fortnight – Children and Young People need you NOW

Even though there are 62,000 children living with foster families across the UK, it is estimated that a further 8,600 foster carers are needed this year alone (source: fostering network).

Why your colourful past can help you to become a foster carer

There are some misperceptions related to foster care that may be preventing some ideal candidates from stepping forward and claiming their spot as a Chrysalis Care foster carer.

There’s a National shortage of foster carers…..

The role of matching children with foster families is one that often times will generate two key discussions within the general public.  Firstly, there’s the seeming paradox of there being ‘so many children’ who need to be fostered and ‘we are crying out for foster carers…..there’s a National shortage.’

Why we need you to make the choice to foster

About fifteen years ago, the preparation training for foster carers was called ‘choosing to foster’. It has since changed but the old title remains classically apt. Fostering is a choice….and it’s not a choice to be made lightly.

The Tao of becoming a foster carer – there must be more to life than gyming and lunching…?!

The route to becoming a foster carer is inevitably a variable one and will alter from person to person, from family to family.

#mythbustermission: 10 things to do before becoming a foster carer

10 things to do BEFORE becoming a foster carer.

There’s more to fostering than fried chicken...

Many of you would have seen the recent TV advertisement for a well known fried chicken franchise and some of you will be aware of the ensuing outrage by some people who believe that the advert dismisses or demeans fostering in some way.

Three reasons why learning and development is crucial for foster carers

Not everyone considers that fostering is a professional role.  Understandable.  Caring for children in your own with parenting…is not a ‘job’ but a life choice.

Five reasons to NOT become a foster carer

There are many reasons why people become foster carers, ranging from wanting to ‘give something back’, through to ‘enhancing their family life experiences’. However, there are some very clear reasons that are not ideal bases for wanting to become a foster carer.

Five ‘myth busting’ questions often asked about fostering

It’s not uncommon to be asked ‘myth busting’ questions related to fostering.  There are a few that continually recur, with people wondering if they would be ruled out from fostering, due to a set of predetermined criteria.

Caring for valuable children

It’s always sad for us when exceptional foster carers resign. Our foster carers are who enable us to offer an outstanding service to local authority partners and nurturing family homes to the children and young people placed with us.